Galvalibs 2.0:
Molten metal bath chemistry sensor for continuous hot-dip galvanizing lines

Real-time bath management tool to increase your quality and stay competitive in today’s galvanizing industry.

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What is a Galvalibs?

The Galvalibs 2.0 brings bath chemistry analysis from the laboratory to the line. Its patented technology, based on real-time Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), performs a laser sampling of the molten metal, deep below the surface, yielding a highly accurate, multi-element chemistry analysis. By its nature, dissolved concentrations are measured directly, without the need for temperature information or model-based calculation.

Advanced zinc bath management

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Real-time and accurate bath composition

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Most accurate bath level in the industry

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Better dross control

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Galvalibs design

The Galvalibs 2.0 is designed for the daily reality of a continuous hot-dip galvanizing line. It comes in a robust, compact and low-maintenance package.


With the Galvalibs Calibration Unit (GCU), operators can perform routine calibrations without a laboratory.

Easy self-installation

The Galvalibs is a self-installed system.

Pride in our products

Tecnar takes pride in offering the best manufacturing/engineering warranty and support in the business so you can rely on Galvalibs 2.0 technology for years to come.

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