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No need to be an expert to set up a Galvalibs in your bath.  The Tecnar team will assist you throughout the process by customizing the set-up to your specific conditions, supporting and reviewing your site preparation, uncrating and installing in the bath, then start-up and calibration. Just six (6) steps and you’re ready for the next level in bath management.

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Step one - Plant modelling

No two galvanizing baths are the same. Our engineering team will work with your team to develop the optimum set-up for your specific conditions. Our team will draft a technical drawing of the Galvalibs at your bath, based on your plant CAD information. No details are too small to make it right the first time.

Step two - Site preparation

With drawings and plans in hand, the site is prepared for mounting the support base near the bath and the control unit and gas bottle support at a safe distance.  The site is prepared any time prior to the delivery of the unit, at your convenience. Our service team will review the site set-up and make last-minute modifications, if needed. The site is then ready to receive the unit.

Step three - Reception and installation briefing

The Galvalibs and its support units are delivered to your site in a crate that’s easy to access and unpack. Before installation, our service team will review the step-by-step instructions with your team by remote to answer any questions and avoid missteps.

Step four - Installation

We’re almost ready: the positioning device is mounted on the support beam. The probe and its extension arm are attached to the positioning device. The control unit is mounted on the posts. The gas bottles are securely connected to the unit and the gas line is purged. The compressed air supply and gas supply are fastened to the probe. Finally, swing the probe over the bath and we are ready for start-up.

Step five - Start-up

Power up and start the unit. Lower the probe into the hot molten bath. The Galvalibs automatically starts its warm-up sequence and data acquisition sequence.

Step six - Calibration

Once the unit has been thermally stabilized in the molten metal, a few samples are taken to provide the sensor with reference points for the bath concentration. The Galvalibs then automatically adjusts any difference in bath measurement to align with the current bath chemistry. The Galvalibs is ready to provide accurate continuous bath chemistry and level measurements.

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