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The Galvalibs is the only true multi-element, online, real-time and accurate bath composition sensor.

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Bath composition sensor advantage

Galvanizing is a balancing act of several elements in the composition of the molten metal bath. Good chemistry management yields higher quality, more valued products. 

Multi-element sensor

The Galvalibs is the only online multi-element sensor for bath management:

  • Effective aluminum
  • Dissolved iron
  • Magnesium level
  • Silicon concentration 

Whatever your process, the Galvalibs provides information on all the elements you need to track. Why limit yourself to one element when you can benefit from so much more?

Proven high accuracy

The Galvalibs gives real-time concentration measurements with a proven accuracy of 0.5% (RSD). With the Galvalibs, laboratory-level accuracy is now available in real time and online. 

Want proof? Take a look at the concentration of dissolved aluminum in the Galvalibs measurements (blue curve) during a stable run. The scale of the display is 10 ppm per step. Sensitivity below 2 ppm is clearly seen.

The Galvalibs directly measures the composition of the liquid bath. It doesn’t require any temperature or phase-diagram-based model for calculation. That’s why the Galvalibs is the only true high-accuracy bath chemistry sensor.

Data you can trust

The Galvalibs is an industrial-grade, high-accuracy sensor, specifically designed for harsh environments. Its proven stability drift of <1%/month is unequalled for online LIBS sensors. What’s more, the quality of the Galvalibs data is continuously monitored so you know you can trust it.

To prove it, we’ve collected bath samples every four hours for 25-days and compared laboratory analysis (circle) with real-time Galvalibs measurements (blue for aluminum and orange for iron). The match is quite remarkable with no recalibration during the entire 25day cycle. Imagine the savings from reduced bath sampling with Galvalibs’ continuous reliable data.

Continuous data

Production in a continuous galvanizing line never stops, so why rely on discrete data taken from time to time? Do you really know what’s happening between your sampling? The Galvalibs provides continuous real-time data with no gaps in information. So you know what’s in your bath, all the time, every time.

Multiple processes

Agile production is the key to the modern galvanizing line, where quickly switching production processes is critical. Based on high-precision, laser-based technology, the Galvalibs can switch from galvanized to Zn-Al-Mg to aluminizing with the touch of a button. The Galvalibs is compatible with:

  • Galvanize
  • Galvanneal
  • Galvalume
  • Aluminum-Silicon
  • Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium

How it works

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