The Galvalibs 2.0 built-in secret sensor: simply unshakeable

Since safety standards require the Galvalibs to constantly and accurately monitor the sensor’s insertion depth, this security feature also reveals the exact location of the bath surface. That’s yet another reason you can count on the Galvalibs to precisely and constantly provide the bath level.

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Most accurate bath level in the industry

Bath-level monitoring is key to ensuring high-quality galvanized products. Most sensors are based on surface tracking from the outside, so they are strongly affected by surface actions, such as drossing activities or surface contamination, such as the presence of top dross. Since the information gathered by the Galvalibs originates from the depth of the bath, bath-level measurement is extremely accurate. With its demonstrated accuracy of 0.4 mm, it is the most accurate bath-level measurement in the industry.

Surface dross insensitive

Since the Galvalibs measures the bath level from the bottom-up, surface conditions are irrelevant to the measurement. The presence of surface dross has no impact on the bath-level value of the Galvalibs, unlike surface tracking technologies.

Not affected by waves

The measurement is directly related to the mass of liquid zinc above the insertion point. As a result, the sensor is oblivious to waves on the surface due to bath dynamics.

No effect from drossing

With its bottom-up measurement method, surface activities such as drossing, do not affect the accuracy of the bath level measured.

Continuous monitoring via level 1 and level 2

Bath-level data is provided to the network in real time via analog signal output or Ethernet/PLC outputs, facilitating real-time feedback control.

Fail-safe measurement

The combination of a “no-false-positive” pressure sensor with interlock mechanical positioning switches provides a fail-safe recording of the bath level, increasing confidence for using the data in automated feedback control of ingot insertion.

Built-in: no additional hardware needed

Bath-level data is obtained from a safety device that confirms the insertion depth of the probe lance in the bath prior to firing the Galvalibs.


Key advantage of bath-level measurements

Real-time viewing of ingot feed

By simultaneously displaying the bath level and bath chemistry, operators get a real-time display of the impact of ingot feed. This gives operators the advantage of immediately acting on unforeseen effects.

Easy bath-level control

Galvalibs data output is available via Analog, PLC or Ethernet connections. Bath-level information can then be used to easily set up automated ingot feed control. With the feedback, a stable bath level is easily achieved, as seen in the figure, avoiding contamination of the bath from surface residue collected on the snout and side walls.

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