Real-time bath composition, dross and level control for continuous hot-dip galvanizing lines

The Galvalibs 2.0 brings bath chemistry analysis from the laboratory to the line.

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No more daily sampling of your zinc bath

Getting good bath samples for chemistry information isn’t easy with dross and contaminants floating on the surface. With the Galvalibs, you don’t need daily bath sampling. Simply place the Galvalibs probing lance in the bath to get accurate chemistry measurements quickly and easily.

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Continuous real-time data

Normally, bath operators select and add an ingot every 20 minutes on average without any accurate real-time information. That leaves bath stability to guesswork. The Galvalibs details bath chemistry and bath-level monitoring 24/7. No need to wait for bath sample analysis to gauge the progress of your operation. No blind time means less undetected error and more productivity.

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No more need for a ICP laboratory equipment

The Galvalibs is fully autonomous, equipped with its own calibration unit, the GCU. With the “ease of use” of the Galvalibs and GCU, plant operators can monitor bath conditions and check the calibration of the sensor without having to consult additional laboratory equipment or external laboratory services. Reduce laboratory operating and capital expenditures with the Galvalibs/GCU.

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“World class” bath-level monitoring

Automotive grade CGLs striving for top quality know that bath-level control is critically important. In addition to detailing bath chemistry, the Galvalibs consistently delivers the most accurate, reliable bath-level measurements.

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Gi, Ga, Gl, Al-Si, Zn-Al-Mg/ZAM... no problem

The Galvalibs is as simple as putting your lab analyzer in the bath. The unit’s wide spectral analysis can monitor all the critical elements in a galvanizing bath. For example, a dual bath galvanizing line with Ga-Gi and Zn-Al-Mg can use a single Galvalibs to track both processes seamlessly.

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Highest real-time accuracy

Novel third-generation steel demands much tighter tolerance for effective aluminum in galvannealing processes. Only the Galvalibs continuously measures the true dissolved fraction of Al. What’s more, it’s the most accurate in the industry with a proven 0.5% RSD.

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Know your bath cleanliness

The Galvalibs is the only online sensor that directly monitors the dross level in suspension in the galvanizing bath. It’s important to check your bath cleanliness continuously and, more importantly, to find the causes of your sudden increase in dross. The Galvalibs data helps operators find the root causes of dross-level changes.

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Low consumable

From the very start, the Galvalibs was designed to be a very low consumable sensor. All parts, from the control cabinet to the submerged lance, were carefully selected to run 24/7 for years of worry-free operation. Moving to Galvalibs for your chemistry monitoring needs will significantly reduce your laboratory consumable costs and eliminate the need for disposable probes.

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Tecnar is a family-owned company founded in 1989 as a spin-off from National Research Council Canada. Tecnar has 15 years of experience in galvanizing pot monitoring and more than 50 commissioned Galvalibs at work around the world.

Today, Tecnar has expanded to four distinct product lines with one shared goal: to make a difference in the daily lives of our clients by integrating our technology and know-how.

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